Wanstonic Electronics Corporate Social Responsibility 


The social responsibility management system of Wanstonic Electronics was established according to the Social Accountability 8000 International standard (SA8000), covering aspects of labor, health and safety, environmental and ethical regulations. Through the operation of the management system, the Company mitigates its operating risks and duly performs requirements related to corporate social responsibility. We adhere to the spirit of continuing improvements and aim to provide a healthy working environment with labor-capital harmony. The performance of social responsibility and sustainable operation is the most significant responsibilities of the Company; the Company’s vision and commitment are as follow:

1.   Maintain healthy corporate governance and strictly observe regulations of business ethics.

2.  The organization's management and operations shall comply with relevant governmental and international regulations, and the Company shall continue to improve and seek further progress.

3.   Provide a safe and healthy working environment, space to give full play of talents, as well as offer reasonable remuneration and welfare; treat and respect employees with fairness and just.

4.   Provide employees’ education and allow them to understand and support the Company in corporate social responsibility performance.

5.   Communicate and make exchanges with our customers and supplying partners regarding corporate social responsibility to learn from each other and jointly improve.

6.   Respect the position of international human right, investigate its supply chain concerning conflict metal from regions with armed conflicts or human right invasion, or obtained through illegal approaches, and ensure, as much as possible, the Au, Ta, W, Co, and Sn, and metal minerals of the same type used are not from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or obtained through illegal smuggling approaches.



Environment Protection


Wanstonic commits to base on the spirit of ISO 14001 regulations. The Company would observe the environmental protection regulations of where its operation is located and further attaches attention to the latest environmental issues worldwide. Environmental-friendly practices would be adopted to make use of energy and resources effectively and to protect the environment. The Company will continue seeking improvement and spare no effort in preventing environmental pollution.

1.   Wanstonic implements management for chemical substances contained in its products during each process of design and development, procurement, production, and delivery.

2.   Within the entire supply chain related to the manufacturing industry, the Company fully complies with regulations related to hazardous substances prohibited or restricted by countries worldwide, hoping to achieve the target of mutual support and prosperity within the industry chain and duly perform its corporate social responsibility.

3.   The Company diligently practice energy-saving, industrial waste reduction, and pollution prevention to mitigate impacts on the environment.

4.   Improve employees' awareness regarding environmental protection and encourage employees to adopt the attitude of protecting the environment in their works.


Labors’ Rights and Labor-Capital Relationships


Employees are critical assets of the Company. Therefore, the Company naturally spares no effort in caring for employees’ health.

1.   No child labor. Comply with requirements under international and governmental regulations related to labor.

2.   Provide diverse work and life integration solutions such as health management, health improvement, occupational hygiene, and employee assistance solutions.

3.  Wanstonic attaches great value to the safety and hygiene risk evaluation and control of its overall operations, and regularly conducts risk inspection, evaluation, control, and review related to corporate social responsibility.

4.  Operating environment monitoring for the plant is implemented according to local laws and regulations on a yearly basis. Furthermore, exposure assessment of the workplace is performed to ensure operational safety and hygiene and the quality of the working environment for all employees.

5.   The Company prevents the occurrence of disasters through its occupational safety and hygiene control measures. It implements emergency management operations and carries out maintenance and repair for firefighting equipment and devices periodically, updates internal firefighting marshaling regularly, and conducts fire and power usage monitoring and management on a monthly basis.

6.   Implement access control. The Company implements guard management, entrance registration, and control the access for our plant by using name badges.

7.  Regarding risk communication, the Company has management committee’s meetings regularly convened and feedback from the employees’ suggestion box's reflected opinions. Regarding educational training and routine advocacy, the Company includes risk identification, control, and feelings as key communication points for employees.